HSphere Assist provides HSphere hosting providers and resellers brandedhelp files to enhance their product and support offering. Since thousands of companies like Hostgator, EUWIN , Casino Hosting have standardized their hosting automation on the H-Sphere platform, we can effectively offer proactive end-user support documentation that will grow with the system.

You can save thousands of dollars on support calls and incidents just by giving your customers what they need. Now you can have extensive support documentation to complete the offering. Depending on how you value your time, this system can pay for itself in a couple of calls. As most support calls are for the most common problems, (E-mail setup, web publishing and dns) if you can eliminate 8 to 10 calls minimum a year @ $25.00 a call, the system is paid for in no time. And then beyond the first year, one or two call savings a year pay for the maintenance.

We customize and brand the help file systems with a variety of looks that you select. If you would like more extensive branding and custom pages, we can provide this as well. Click here to see our product offering.


We make it easier to purchase.

We NOW are offering all of our customers the ability to produce their own Hsphere Assist files. We now supply the core .xpj native file system so you can use Adobe Robohelp or import the .xpj file into other standard Help authoring systems.

This allows you to customize to suit your systems, change languages as you translate or integrate your own custom programs into the systems. You can even offer your hosting resellers their own Help authoring system.

Once payment is received, you will be directed to an upload page to submit your details where we can upload the core files so you can get started.

Normal turnaround time is 48 hours.

1. Core File Purchase
You can purchase our core .xpj file, native to Robohelp (purchased by Macromedia and now Adobe) to edit change and customize the entire help system to suit your needs. Also included are a package of various design skins to apply. The .xpj file can also be imported and converted into many help authoring systems to let you do it all yourself so you are not restricted to using Robohelp!!

We will upload the zipped files to your ftp location.

A. Core .xpj File Purchase $299.00
Total $299.00