How do you get updates and maintenance?

We make it easy. We are constantly upgrading the system, as is Psoft. When you purchase your HSphere Assist Help System, you can also purchase a package that will provide you seamless updates when they happen.

Since we FTP the entire branded system to the folder of your choice, we simply republish to this folder when changes are made.

What kind of updates do we do?

We run our system similar to software and version numbers. We have major upgrades and minor upgrades. Minor upgrades can happen as often as on a monthly basis and major upgrades can happen normally about once per year. Minor updates may include features, links, grammar or spelling. Majorupgrades include new features, menu links, branding, or core functionality.

Update and Maintenance Packages

1 . PREMIUM Updates and Maintenance Plan
This includes all updates to the system when they happen, regardless of minor or major updates. The cost for this program is $39.95 per year. The year starts on the day your file is published.

2. BASIC Updates and Maintenance Plan.
This includes one major version upgrade per calendar year.

The cost for this program is $29.95 per year. If there is not an upgrade within this period, your payment will be applied to the following year.

Basic Maintenance can only be purchased at the time of the initial order. You will be required to assign HSphere Assist FTP access to the publishing folder for this period of time and keep us up to date with user name and password changes.
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Latest Updates: 3.5 Finished.
1. HSphere Assist 3.5 shipping Jan 2008.

Updates include a feww corrections, updated screen shots
Addition of SharePoint and Application Pool information
Increased keywords and stronger messaging in areas

Coming soon:
1. Reseller Help system